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The AnA Security Solution is one of Asia Pacific's fastest growing cybersecurity companies.

We provide many services in security domain ranging from Penetration Testing, Audit and Compliance through new breed services including 24/7/365 Security Operations.

We are uniquely positioned as an independent advisor, giving clients the confidence that they have mitigated their cyber security risks. Our mission is to help people, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cybercrime, reducing their cyber risk in the connected world.

Founded in Australia in 2018 and a branch office in India, AnA Security Solution has grown to become one of Australia’s leading cybersecurity firms.

Our Core Values

Whatever It Takes

Large team, or small team it does not matter. We all help each other because we are one team.

Deliver Awesome

Our passion reflects through everything we do. If you would not be happy as the customer, then keep working until you would be.

Two Ears One Mouth

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. Say half as much and you will realise you will hear more.

Times Ten Thinking

The more we think, the better the outcome. Listen and learn from the team and we will all grow.

All about the TEAM

Politics and secret agendas do not have a place at AnA. Knowledge, sharing and consideration are the keys to success.

Love What You Do

We spend more time at work than home and it is important to enjoy coming in every day. A few games of ping pong help every now and then!

Our Services

Our full range of products and services doesn’t leave any space for malicious outrages.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing Service simulates techniques used by hackers to help you understand potential threats while providing you with detailed recommendations.

Web Security Testing

Our Web-Application Security Testing Service identifies technical & business logic vulnerabilities in your websites while providing you with detailed instructions & concrete recommendations.

Incident Response Center

We maintain a 24 X 7 X 365 highly skilled Critical Incident Response Team capable of identifying, analysing, containing and eradicating cyber intrusions to your network.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment Service rapidly tests the security of your IT infrastructure from common threats and attack vectors.

Social Engineering

Our team conducts onsite Social Engineering, manipulating users into providing access to sensitive areas and systems which can then be used to make sensitive information more secure.

Managed Services

Outsource the IT needs and operations of your Business to us.

Firewall Configuration Service

Just as a firewall in a building attempts to prevent a fire from spreading, a computer firewall attempts to prevent computer viruses from spreading to your computer. A properly configured firewall can greatly increase the security of your system.

Managed Simulated Phishing Services

A Phishing attack is the act of impersonating an organization, through emails (called phishing emails) and fake websites, in an attempt to gain private information. Our team tests your employees with phishing simulation tests in order to expose any security vulnerabilities..

Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster recovery (DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect an organization from the effects of significant negative events. Having a disaster recovery strategy in place enables an organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disruption.

SIEM Solution and Log Management

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides businesses valuable insight into threats and attacks and assists in protecting business operations, intellectual property, and ensures compliance obligations and availability of key online services. Understanding this, We offer managed Information Security with Over-Watch, our SIEM as a Service platform, to provide system wide surveillance with precision response.

Governance and Audit

We can add value by providing advisory and consulting services, intended to improve governance, risk management, and control processes.

From federal government to the heights of corporate operations to niche organisations, AnA designed and developed appropriate and business enabling governance frameworks and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

Our Security Framework consists of standards, guidelines and best practices to manage cybersecurity risk. It Continuously monitors your environment to detect threats.

A cyber security audit is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of your business’s IT infrastructure. Our Cyber Security Specialists can advise on the best course of action to vastly improve your cyber resilience, securing your data and protect your business.

We provide Training

AnA offers a holistic approach to Security awareness training.

All of your staff must receive cybersecurity awareness training to ensure they can identify potential attacks and respond appropriately.We develop comprehensive training programs for organisations including general awareness, specific developer awareness and executive briefings.

Security awareness training is all about teaching your colleagues and employees to understand the risks and threats around the ever-evolving cyber world. A well-educated workforce is a critical component to any comprehensive security policy.

AnA security awareness programs are built to empower employees to make the right decision and protect themselves, systems and information against ongoing threats.

Create a Cyber Aware Culture

Face to Face Training

We deliver face to face specialised training at your office for all your staff or a subset. All programs are built specifically to meet your needs on the topics needed most. Our experienced team deliver engaging training including simulations and war stories.

Computer Based Training

Our professionally designed Computer Based Training modules can be delivered as a one off or year round. Hosted on a Learning Management System, we ensure your staff are continually up to date.

Physical Artefacts

To ensure continual awareness, AnA delivers cybersecurity communication materials including posters, ongoing newsletters, infographics, wallpaper and mouse-pads. These items assist to change the culture and drive the secure aware message.

Cultural Change

All our awareness programs are focused on changing perceptions and developing a cyber aware culture. It is imperative staff understand the controls being implemented are to reduce risk. We empower employees to provide the tools they need.

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