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New Phishing tactic using Google Firebase

Notice of cyber security incident – be alert to phishing emails

Dear Customer,

A personal communication, but they don’t use my name? That’s a funny way of doing things.

Many times we’ve told users that an email which doesn’t refer to them by name might be considered more suspicious.

After all, it’s less effort for bad guys to spam out a phishing attack to thousands of people with the greeting “Dear Customer” than “Dear Fred”, “Dear Richard”, “Dear Ethel”

I wanted to write to you personally in regards to a recent cyber security incident at easyJet.

EasyJet’s announcement about the breach was definitely recent, but can the security incident itself actually be considered “recent”? I might beg to differ. Maybe we could all do with a reminder of what the word “recent” means before we carry on…

“An attack from a highly sophisticated source.” That won’t be HP Sauce then! Sorry, that’s a #dadjoke.

I hope one day we’ll hear more details about what happened, because so far EasyJet doesn’t seem to be sharing much information.

And yes EasyJet, you announced the breach on 19 May, but when did you actually become aware that your systems had been hacked?

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Manthal Patel
Manthal Patel
11 months ago

very nicely put!!!!!