Vulnerability Assessment

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Our Vulnerability Assessment Service rapidly tests the security of your IT infrastructure from common threats and attack vectors.

Business growth, digitalisation and the evolving threat landscape create constant security challenges for your organisation. AnA’s Vulnerability Assessment service helps you to identify, classify and address vulnerable security risks and provides the ongoing support and guidance to best mitigate them.

Vulnerability Assessment is a process that scans for and identifies security holes within a network (Wired or Wireless) or communications infrastructure and how to assess the risks associated with those weaknesses and evolving threats.

This process offers the organization a better understanding of its assets, security flaws and overall risk, reducing the likelihood that a cybercriminal will breach its systems and catch the business off guard.

Discovery is followed by reporting of vulnerabilities and provision of guidelines for counter measures.

Instead of relying on generic automated scanners, we use several tools and techniques suited for your specific network environment to deliver the best results.

Key benefits of a Vulnerability Assessment

1. Identifies at-risk assets

Gain help with identifying the systems, applications and data at greatest risk of being targeted.

2. Validates the suitability of security controls

Benefit from a review of how well your internal and external defences detect, limit and withstand the latest threats.

3. Informs security investments

Understand which cyber security risks require the most attention and receive actionable guidance to best mitigate them.

4. Provides strategic advice

Receive recommendations that will help secure your organisation now and in the future.

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